Department of Art and Art History Design Lab

Design Lab


Letterpress + Printing

  • Vandercook #4 Proofing Press
  • Vandercook SP20
  • Vandercook #425
  • Challenge 15M
  • Columbian Handpress
  • Kwikprint Model 55 Hot Foil Stamper
  • Kensol
  • Metal Type Collection (~300 cases)
  • Rob Roy Kelly Wood Type Collection
  • Polymer Plate Maker
  • Screenprinting Facilities


  • B+W Wet Darkroom
  • Photo Backdrops
  • 128-LED Model Lamps
  • Standard Heavy-Duty Light Stands
  • Heavy-Duty C-Stand
  • Soft Boxes
  • Digital Camera Library


  • Programmable Sewing/Embroidery Machine
  • CNC Router
  • Sheet Vinyl Plotter/Cutter
  • Hand Tools (Jigsaw, Drill, Sander, Heat Gun, etc.)
  • Bookbinding Materials and Tools
  • Spray Booth


Art Building, 2.212

Who Can Use?

Graduate Students

Design graduate students have 24-hour access; other graduate students have access with permission.

Undergraduate Students

Design undergraduate majors have 24-hour access. Non-majors enrolled in classes using the equipment have access to the facility during open lab hours; other students may have access with permission.


Lab Coordinator

Kevin Auer