Department of Art and Art History Facilities

Print Labs


Intaglio / Relief

  • Charles Brand manual Intaglio Press — 30x50
  • Charles Brand manual Intaglio Press — 36x60
  • Pexto manual plate cutting shear — 36" cutting width
  • Professional hotplate — 36x27.5
  • Professional hotplate — 36x36
  • Professional rosin box, interior dimensions — 36x28
  • Spray booth — 36x28
  • Isolated acid room allowing for copper and zinc plate etching


  • (5) manual Takach Lithography presses  — 33x60
  • Stone library, over 100 stones,  8x10 to 32x43
  • Nuarc flip-top plate exposure unit for photo plate development
  • Plate processing for aluminum grained plates is available


  • A.W.T. Accuprint printing machine — 36x48
  • Polycop screen exposure unit — 64x48
  • Large washout booth with power spray unit
  • Dedicated darkroom for screen coating and exposure


Art Building
2.210 (Intaglio)
2.308 (Lithography)
2.316 (Serigraphy)

Who Can Use?

Graduate Students

Studio Art graduate students working in Print have 24-hour access; other graduate students have access with permission

Undergraduate Students

Must be enrolled in a Print course


Lab Phone


Print Tech

Clarke Curtis