Department of Art and Art History People

R. Eric McMaster

Manager, Digital Fabrication Lab


Studio Art: Sculpture + Extended Media

MFA, Arizona State University
BFA, Pennsylvania State University

R. Eric McMaster received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from The Pennsylvania State University in 2003 and a Master’s degree in Sculpture from Arizona State University in 2008. He has shown extensively, including exhibitions in New York, Hiroshima, Paris, New Delhi, Miami, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, New Orleans and Phoenix among others. He is a recipient of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Professional Fellowship, the Ted Decker Catalyst Fund and numerous scholastic grants and scholarships.

McMaster's works explore themes of order, resistance, power, vulnerability and individuality as custom equipment or environments are created to hinder athletes or performers from achieving a goal. The disruption of athletic routine is documented through a lens, and the resulting video and/or photographs are displayed with the objects. Additionally, thematically related objects are replicated in ways that challenge assumptions of the material’s physicality. The documented performances, environments, relics, images and objects culminate as exhibitions that hint at possibility, but in the end defy any preconceived expectations.