Department of Art and Art History Research Centers

Center for the Study of Modernism

The interdisciplinary Center for the Study of Modernism serves as an umbrella to focus and augment graduate study in the art of the modern period, from the eighteenth century to the present, at The University of Texas. A large group of art historians having diverse specialization within the modern field constitutes the core of the Center’s faculty. Their interests range across the sub-disciplines of critical theory, history of criticism, intellectual history, social history, feminist studies, history of science and technology, media studies, institutional history, and semiotics.

The faculty strengths in modernism in the Department of Art and Art History is supplemented by the presence of scholars of modernism in the College of Fine Arts (Music, Drama) and across the campus in such departments as History, American Studies, Architecture, English, French, Germanic Languages, Philosophy and Radio-Television-Film. As one of its central functions, the Center of the Study of Modernism organizes special programs designed to enrich regular course offerings and to contribute substantively to current scholarly debates. These programs include topical symposia, guest lectures, and seminars involving faculty from other disciplines. In addition, the Center’s program explores the relation of new methods of scholarship to traditional ones and seeks to provide a stimulating and open environment for study and intellectual exchange without privileging any one mode of investigation.

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