Department of Art and Art History Special Programs

The Maya Meetings

The Maya Meetings bring scholars and interested individuals together once a year to study and explore the richness of ancient Maya art, archaeology and writing. The celebrated Mayanist Linda Schele founded the conference in Austin in 1977, when they were known as the Maya Hieroglyphic Workshops. Since their inception, the Maya Meetings have featured lectures, forums, and research workshops, many geared to the study and learning of ancient Maya hieroglyphs.

David Stuart became Director of the Maya Meetings in 2004, and revitalized many key aspects of the Meetings, including the Linda Schele Award. Today, The Maya Meetings continue to evolve with the field of Mesoamerican studies, striving to represent this exciting world of archaeological research and discovery. Our mission is to bring this spirit to both the scholarly community and to society at large, creating a worldwide environment of growth in Maya studies. The entire event is designed to foster an open and experimental atmosphere promoting collaboration between professionals, students and all interested people from all over the globe, including the significant involvement of modern Maya.

In 2010 we begin a whole new chapter of the Maya Meetings by taking them to Antigua, Guatemala. The meetings will alternate each year between Austin and Antigua. This opportunity allows us to foster more communication and interaction with scholars, students and enthusiasts in the Maya world.

While in Antigua, the meetings will be held at Casa Herrera, UT-Austin’s  academic and conference center for Mesoamerican studies. As an extension of the university’s Mesoamerica Center, the Casa Herrera focuses on the inter-related disciplines that contribute to the study of Pre-Columbian art, archaeology, history and culture.