Department of Art and Art History Special Programs

Scholarship to attend Ox-Bow Summer Workshop

About Ox-Bow

"After over a century in operation, Ox-Bow's mission has remained consistent—to serve as a haven for the creative process through instruction, example, and community. The Ox-Bow campus is comprised of 115 acres of dunes, forests, lakes and trails in Saugatuck, Michigan.

Ox-Bow Sign

Ox-Bow offers a wide range of opportunities for artists at all stages in their career. With year-round programs that cater to degree-seeking students, professional artists, and those new to the field, Ox-Bow is a protected place where creative processes break-down, reform, and mature.

As much as Ox-Bow is a place, it is also an experience. Through its affiliation with the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Ox-Bow offers one- and two-week courses for credit and non-credit for beginning, intermediate, and advanced students. Ox-Bow’s courses are diverse, ranging in focus from the functional to the sculptural; from traditional to contemporary; and from representational to conceptual. It is the synthesis of this diverse range of studio practices, and the artists who come to engage with them, that offers the diversity of opinion, viewpoint, and discussion that makes the Ox-Bow experience so rich."

— From Ox-Bow Website

About the Studio Art Ox-Bow Scholarship Program

This annual scholarship opportunity provides support for selected students to participate in a 2-week workshop. These special-topic workshops usually offer training in fields beyond what the Department of Art and Art History offers, and may range from glass blowing to digital animation.

The Ox-Bow Scholarship Program provides the following support for a 2-week workshop:

  • Full Tuition
  • Room
  • Board
  • Possible Travel Support (based on financial need)

How to Apply

2017 Application and Instructions (PDF)

Due Wednesday, February 15, 2017


  • Available to any degree-seeking Studio Art major (BFA or BA) who is currently enrolled full-time (12-hours or more).
  • Art History, Design, and Visual Art Studies majors are not eligible for these scholarships.
  • Students receiving the Learning Tuscany Scholarship in 2017 are not eligible for this scholarship.
  • Financial need is not a requirement for these scholarships.
  • Students must have completed 12 hours of foundation Studio Art courses before the beginning of summer 2017.

From Previous Ox-Bow Winners

"Ox-Bow is one of the most fulfilling experiences I've had as an artist. The close-knit artist community that one forms in two weeks is surprising, and I still talk to those friends regularly. The availability and exposure to practicing and student artists was beneficial to how I approach making word today. Notable guest artists spoke at Ox-Bow daily and brought of a variety of perspectives about different work.  Surrounding yourself in an environment that is constantly discussing art and its different processes was one of my favorite parts. Being able to meet art students from all over the world has brought a new perspective onto my work. Attending Ox-Bow has been one of the most rewarding times artistically in my time at UT. I hope to make it back soon!"

"My experience at Ox-Bow was completely incredible. I took the Wearable Sculpture class.  The epic meals served to you three times a day, endless coffee, a lagoon 15ft away from where you sleep and work, passionate artists wherever you look, a lake that looks like an ocean and has the BEST sunsets, Learning how to use a sewing machine and serger like a pro, no phone to keep up with, no outside stress, passionate and creative teachers who love being there, time to focus on creating and nothing else, ridiculous parties, life-long friendships, time to reflect, time off from "reality", fun fun fun, thunderstorms, kayaking, fishing, different points of view, real nature and the opportunity to grow as a person and artist. I definitely recommend this experience. It is truly life changing in so many ways. I cannot wait to do it all over again!"

"Ox-Bow, this awesome landscape that you walk in. It's located at the end of the forest just right next to the Lake Michigan. The first thing that amazes you at this little town is the nature. You get to live in the middle of forest for two weeks, without any traffic or noise or crowd. In Ox-Bow you get to meet great people and great artists. You get the chance to work on your personal behaviors and your communication skills. The reason is that you get to know a good amount of people in a short time and you get pretty close to them. And I loved that! You also get the opportunity to meet many great artists and make new connections.  The art is amazing. I took the class Hot-Mess and I learned many techniques on costuming and constructing garments. I learned how to sew and how to design and how to make patterns. We also did performances to present our custom with.  I recommend you to try to use this opportunity and take this once in a life time experience."

"I began last summer as a fellow with the assumption that I would make work that was a continuation of what I had been doing the previous year at graduate school. There was something about being in an isolated artistic environment, surrounded by artists that had no previous knowledge of my work that allowed me to separate myself from the artist that I had believed myself to be. One of the most notable things that I saw in many of the artists that ran Ox-Bow or came through as faculty or visiting artists was a sense of humor about themselves and an investigation of play and intuition in the work. These experiences coupled with weekly costumed dance parties allowed me to give my work and myself an opportunity to become full of play, humor, and theatricality."

"My time at Ox-Bow was a turning point for myself as an artist. I have never been as focused and as inspired as I was during my short two weeks in Saugatuck. Living in a community entirely composed of artists opened my eyes to a vast array of new ideas, techniques, styles, and ways of thinking. After my time at Ox-Bow, I honestly think in a different way about art and how to approach my own work. I think on a different way about myself and my potential as an artist in the world. Ox-Bow inspired me to grow, inspired me to strive every day toward becoming a better artist."