Department of Art and Art History AAH Core Program



AAH Core introduces the pursuit of knowledge as a fundamental precept of a life in the visual arts. Research, ideation, and a search for conceptual understanding are the starting place for all student projects.


Creative problem-solving and a commitment to new and unique solutions are encouraged in AAH Core. Students are pushed to process acquired knowledge into something that provides original insight.


An awareness and sensitivity to material usage is a critical goal of AAH Core. As young makers, students are introduced to the language of visual form through a variety of project prompts each with specific materials to explore. Students are expected to gain technical competency and demonstrate craftsmanship in use of materials.


The language of form and composition is universal and fundamental to the discourse of visual arts. Students must become verse in this language in order to make and to intelligently discuss making (critique). AAH Core will introduce context in relationship to art history and culture.


AAH Core dismisses the stereotype of the artist as lone recluse, and instead focuses on building community, for both students and teaching faculty alike. Visual makers and thinkers do not exist in a vacuum, but instead rely heavily on their community for critical feedback and support. Students are scheduled into cohorts, allowing for maximum collaboration, connectivity and crossover to happen within the classroom and with their peers.