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Undergraduate Degree Information

Core Curriculum

All baccalaureate degree programs at The University of Texas at Austin require fullfillment of a Core Curriculum. Beyond this core, some degree programs in the Department of Art and Art History include additional requirements in general education. For details, consult the Degree Guidelines found on the College of Fine Arts website.

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Visual Art Studies

Course Requirements
Core Curriculum *
Art History
Studio Art
Visual Art Studies
Education Course


* The Core Curriculum requirement is comprised of courses in Rhetoric, English, Government, History, Social Sciences, Humanities, Mathematics, and Natural Sciences.

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The purpose of the Visual Arts Studies / Art Education area is to:

  1. prepare outstanding art teachers for public and private institutions where art is taught,
  2. strengthen the disciplines of art and teaching through scholarly research, and
  3. enhance community artistic experiences through ongoing public service.

To achieve these ends, the BFA Visual Art Studies / All-Level Teacher Certification degree plan is designed to provide strong course content in visual art studies, studio art, art history, natural sciences and liberal arts. Most students in the program plan to teach and seek public school EC-12 art teacher certification; however, students can also work toward other related career options, such as working with or for community art programs, through completion of the degree.