Department of Art and Art History Art History

Current Graduate Students

PhD Program

Kasie Alt

Jessamine Batario

MA, Art History, UT Austin
BA, History of Art, UC Berkeley

Research Interests
Modern art, Byzantine art, history of art history, phenomenology, mid-twentieth century art criticism

Mari Rodriguez Binnie

MA, University of Texas at Austin
BA, Northwestern University

Research Interests
Contemporary art in Latin America; artistic experimentation during Brazil’s military dictatorship

Kara Carmack

MA, Art History, UT Austin
BA, Art History and English, Dickinson College, Carlisle, PA

Research Interests
modern and contemporary art and visual culture; archives; queer theory; public sphere theory; television and media studies; performance

Douglas Cushing

MA, Art History, University of Texas at Austin
BFA, Illustration, Rhode Island School of Design

Research Interests
transition, "little magazines," and the transatlantic avant-garde; Intellectual exchanges in; Modernist art and literature (especially inter-war); The legacies of Romanticism in nineteenth and twentieth-century art; Marcel Duchamp and/or Rrose Sélavy; Francisco Goya at the end of the Enlightenment; Humor in art

Julia Detchon

MA Art History, University of Texas
BA Art History, Northwestern University

Research Interests
Modern & Contemporary Latin American art

Jessica Ditillio

Kimberli Gant

Jason Goldstein

MA, Art History, University of Texas at Austin
AB, History of Art and Architecture, Brown University

Research Interests
19th- and early 20th-century European painting, criticism, and literature; Blake, Baudelaire, Huysmans, Proust, and Ruskin; close reading; description; materiality; problems of interpretation; formalism; all things derrière-garde

Alex Grimley

Leah Hansard

MSt, Classical Archaeology, University of Oxford
BA, Anthropology and Classical Civilizations, UC Berkeley

Research Interests
Republican architecture in Rome; Etruscan and early Roman art; cultural heritage preservation

Lauren Hanson

Claire Howard

MA, Art History, UT Austin
BA, Art History and English, Wellesley College

Research Interests
Modern and contemporary art

Uchenna Itam

MA, Humanities, University of Chicago
BA, History of Art, University of Pennsylvania

Research Interests
Modern and contemporary art of the African diaspora; embodiment-based practices in photography, video, and installation art; site-specific installations; sense theory; the politics of identity; curatorial studies and exhibition history

Allison Kim

Donato Loia

BA & MA Art History, University of Rome “La Sapienza”

Research Interests
Contemporary art, Aesthetics

Michael Long

Elliot López-Finn

MA in Art and Art History from UT Austin
BA in Art History and Archaeology, Princeton University

Research Interests
Heirlooming and Antiquarianism in Postclassic Central Mexico, intercultural communication between Central Mexico and the Yucatan Peninsula in the Postclassic period

Jeannie McKetta

C.C. Marsh

MA in Art History, Hunter College of the City of New York
BA in Fine Arts, New York University

Research Interests
Modern and Contemporary art; photographic history and theory; print culture; history of exhibitions; propaganda; 20th century French intellectual and cultural history; history of human rights; decolonization and postcolonialism

Jennifer L. Muslin

MA in Classics, University at Buffalo SUNY
MA in Divinity, University of Chicago
BA in Liberal Arts, Sarah Lawrence College

Research Interests
Roman architecture, visual representation, and religion; archaeology of Mediterranean trade; ancient emotion and sensory perception

Allison Myers

Jihyun Nam

Julia Elizabeth Neal

MA, History of Art, Boston University
BA, Art History, Georgia State University

Research Interests
Modern Art of the United States, African American Art, Art of the Africa Diaspora, Performance and Conceptualism, Globalism & Critical Historiography

Maryam Ohadi-Hamadani

Catherine H. Popovici

MA, Art History, Pennsylvania State University
BA, Art History, Smith College

Research Interests
Pre-Columbian Art and Architecture, Classic and Post-Classic Maya, Politics in Public Art

Catherine Powell

Mari Rodriguez

Rose G. Salseda

MA in Art History, UT Austin
BA in Art, California State University, Fullerton

Research Interests
Contemporary Art; US Latina/o Art; African American Art; African Diaspora in Latin America; Race and Ethnicity; Politics of Identity; Visualizations of Civil Unrest/Riots/Uprising

Kaila Schedeen

MA Art History, University of Delaware
BA Art History, UT Austin

Research Interests
Contemporary Native American art, global indigeneity, African Diaspora, performance of identity, gender, ecology and ecocriticism

Deirdre M. Smith

MA Art History, George Washington University
BA Art History, Hampshire College

Research Interests
Modern and Contemporary, post-War Avant-Garde, art of twentieth-century Croatia

Stephanie M. Strauss

MA in Anthropology, George Washington University
BA in Anthropology & Latin American Studies, Yale University

Research Interests
Mesoamerican Art, Archaeology & Epigraphy; Epi-Olmec Visual Culture; Ancient Writing Systems

Shana Evette Thompson

MA in Art History, University of North Texas, Denton
BA in Art History, University of North Texas, Denton
BFA in Art Education, University of North Texas, Denton

Research Interests
Art and Cultural History in France, England, and Northern Europe between the 12th and 15th centuries, especially issues of gender, identity, power, propaganda, place, family, and education; manuscripts, other hand-held objects, and sculpture

Philip Townsend

Elizabeth Welch

Hannah Wong

MA, University of Maryland, College Park
BA, University of Maryland

Einav Zamir

MA Program

Tugrul Acar

BA in History, Bogazici University, Istanbul, Turkey

Research Interests
Art and Architecture of the late medieval Anatolia, Cross-regional exchanges in the medieval Eastern Mediterranean, Architecture of Sufi groups in medieval Anatolia

Amy Angell

BA History, John Brown University

Research Interests
Greek art and architecture; marble production; Greek sanctuaries: votive dedications, ritual objects, sacred space

Caitlin DiMartino

BA Art History/Religion Studies, Muhlenberg College

Research Interests
Late Medieval art, illuminated manuscripts, devotional objects, gender, race, art during and after the crusades, the function of monsters in manuscripts and architecture, representations of non-Christians, marginalia

Kendyll Gross

BA Art History, Emory University

Research Interests
Art of the Ancient Americas, Art and Authority, Museum Work

Gilles Heno-Coe

BA in Art History, Williams College

Research Interests
American and European Modernism; Post-War Abstraction; Intersection of Text and Image; American Regionalism; Experimental film; artists including Ellsworth Kelly, Willem de Kooning, and Jasper Johns

Katie Hooker

BA, Art History, Baylor University

Research Interests
Renaissance in Italy, Late Medieval History, Paleography, Cinquecento and Seicento Scripts, Michelangelo Buonarroti, Mannerism, Cultural Identity, Cultural Heritage Preservation

Jackie Mann

BA Art History and Anthropology, DePaul University

Research Interests
Late Antiquity, Early Medieval, the Mediterranean and the Levant

Grace Sparapani

BA English, Vassar College

Research Interests
Feminist Art Histories, Contemporary Art, Critical Theory, Digital Culture, Girlhood Studies

Yohanna Tesfai

Art History + Mathematics BA, Emory University

Research Interests
17th century Dutch art  + global art history

Elizabeth Tuggle

BA in Chemistry, St. Edwards University

Research Interests
Conservation of ceramics

Christopher Wood

MA Archaeology/Anthropology
BA Classics

Research Interests
Roman art and architecture; Roman civic and domestic architecture; relations of power and authority through visual representation and the manipulation of space; experiential architecture of oracular sites