Department of Art and Art History Graduate Admissions

Studio Art Graduate Admissions Overview

  • Admission is for fall semester only; no spring or summer admission (no exceptions)
  • No deferred admission
  • No admission for non-degree seeking students

Application Deadlines

Application materials are submitted electronically to two entities (1. UT–Austin Graduate School, 2. Department of Art and Art History) and must be received by:

December 15, 2016 (Recommended)
To the Graduate School

January 6, 2017 (Final)
Department of Art and Art History

January to Mid-February
Finalist Interviews Via Skype or Phone

Late applications will not be accepted (no exceptions)

Decisions are made early-to-mid March

Admissions Statistics

For Fall 2016 semester:
172 applicants, 9 matriculated

Acceptance Criteria

  • Statement of Purpose
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Portfolio of Recent Work
    (made within the past two years)
  • Finalist Interview
    (via Skype or phone)

Note: GRE scores are not required.

The faculty admissions committee reviews your statement of purpose, letters of recommendation and portfolio of recent work (created within the past two years). From this review, a short list is determined with whom faculty conduct phone or Skype interviews. With this information, the faculty both admit students and determine incoming fellowships. Your portfolio should reflect an informed knowledge of contemporary art and a committed, coherent, body of work.

The University of Texas at Austin believes that a highly talented and diverse student body can significantly enhance the character and quality of the academic culture and community. To this end, the University is continuously engaged in an effort to increase the pool of graduate scholars from diverse backgrounds.

As authorized by the Board of Regents and beginning with the academic year 2005–2006, The University of Texas at Austin has added race and ethnicity to the criteria considered for admission of freshmen, graduate students, and law students, and to the awarding of scholarships and fellowships in those cases when an individualized and full file review is conducted as part of the selection process.

Primary and Secondary Areas of Interest

In recognition that some applicants may work across multiple media, students may identify up to two areas of interest from among our five. There is no penalty for selecting only one. Applicants will be evaluated by faculty in the area(s) selected. Note that should you be offered admission by an area, your studio will be located there. 

Areas of Study
  • Painting + Drawing
  • Photography
  • Print
  • Sculpture + Extended Media 
  • Transmedia

Have questions about which area of study is most appropriate for your application?

Email the Graduate Advisor, Professor Jeff Williams, and explain your situation and possible areas.