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Viewpoint Lecture Series presents Regine Basha

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For curator and producer Regine Basha, no two projects are alike; since the early 1990s she has curated for contemporary art institutions as well as independently for private and public spaces in Montreal, New York, around the country and abroad, mostly chronicled on From 2002-2007 Basha was based in Austin, Texas and was Adjunct Curator of Arthouse at the Jones Center (now The Contemporary Austin) and had co-founded with Laurence Miller the contemporary art initiative, Fluent~Collaborative, which mainly generates projects through Testsite. During her productive time in Texas, she had also taken up a residency in Cairo at Townhouse, produced a walking project in Santiago, Chile called Anti-monumento, and curated a series of 15 town-wide sonic installations (with Rebecca Gates and Lucy Raven) called The Marfa Sessions with Ballroom Marfa and Marfa Public Radio. In the past decade, she has developed exhibitions and writing on artists such as Paul Pfeiffer, Basim Magdy Nina Katchadourian, Julieta Aranda, Dario Robleto, Stephen Vitiello, Hope Ginsburg, Daniel Bozhkov and Michael Rakowitz among many other artists.

Her inventive approach often has her working closely with artists to consider the very specific context and format for the development of new work; such as most recently in the 27-artist group show for a public heritage building in the Bronx (When You Cut Into the Present The Future Leaks Out @ Old Bronx Courthouse), sculptural interventions by women artists throughout the Bloomberg’s Financial Headquarters (Speculative Futures), a choreographed choral event with Daniel Bozhkov (Cantata for 12 Choirs and Several Salamanders, @Arthouse), or an all ‘female-identifying’ show in New Orleans (Mark of the Feminine @ Contemporary Art Center, NOLA) for instance. This year Basha co-curated 9evenings + 50 (Fridman Gallery) with Julie Martin and Daniel Neumann on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of Robert Rauschenberg and Billy Kluver’s Experiments in Art&Technology. She is also founder of her musical archive Tuning Baghdad, which was most recently the subject of a 6-episode radio show for Clocktower Radio. Recently, Basha was made Residency Director at Pioneer Works in Brooklyn, a space where cultural production and collaboration between artists, musicians, scientists and writers takes place.

Basha is a 1996 graduate of Center for Curatorial Studies, Bard College. She sits on the board of Art Matters and on the SETI (Search for Extra-terrestrial Intellgence) Artist in Residents program.