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Visiting Artist Lecture: Paul Ramírez Jonas

agora sculpture of a dog transformed into a water cooler complete with two jugs
Agora Cooler, 2014

Paul Ramírez Jonas (lives and works in NYC) mounts a retrospective of his work opening at the Contemporary Art Museum, Houston on April 29th. The museum notes,

Ramírez Jonas is redefining "public art" by investigating how a public is constituted and what brings them together. In his earliest works, Ramírez Jonas viewed historical references from a strategic vantage as he adapted early scientific experiments as "scores" inflected with his [own] voice….In these [early] works, Ramírez Jonas typically activated the scores himself; his later works extend this invitation to viewers...

In 2005, Ramírez Jonas shifted his focus toward decidedly public forms: the equestrian statue, the bronze plaque, the key to the city and the like,….[his] work democratizes time-honored civic forms. Manifested in a range of compelling forms, Ramírez Jonas’s work invigorates our cultural commons.

From full sized replicas of Alexander Graham Bell’s man-sized kites to a public fountain reimagined for Romulus and Remus as the office cooler, this promises to be an entertaining and challenging presentation of a life’s work.