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Michael Smith at the Whitney Museum of American Art

Fri. November 1, 2013

View of Michael Smith's performance, Mike's House.
Michael Smith, Mike’s House, performance at Whitney Museum of American Art, February 19–March 11, 1982. Courtesy of the artist.

Professor Michael Smith’s work appears in the Whitney Museum of American Art’s new exhibition, “Rituals of Rented Island: Object Theater, Loft Performance, and the New Psychodrama – Manhattan 1970-80.”

The exhibition illuminates a radical period of 1970s performance art that flourished in downtown Manhattan. Smith also appears in a The New York Times feature on the exhibition, describing the show as a “scrappy but absorbing archival exhibition” of a period when performance art was “funky and clunky, beyond modernism, or maybe perversely beneath it, meant to reflect a world in which materials were transient, models useless, values shifty.”

The exhibition will be on view until Feb. 2, 2014.