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Glenn Peers headshot

Glenn Peers

Professor, Art History (Early Medieval and Byzantine Art)

Jose Perez

Assistant Manager, Digital Fabrication Lab / Lecturer, Studio Art

Bogdan Perzyński

Professor, Studio Art (Transmedia)

Catherine Popovici headshot

Catherine H. Popovici

PhD Candidate, Art History (Pre-Columbian Art and Architecture)

Catherine Powell headshot

Catherine Powell

PhD Candidate, Art History (Northern Renaissance/Baroque)

Stephanie Rameriz

Lecturer, Studio Art (Photography & Media)

Susan Rather headshot

Susan Rather

Professor, Art History (American Art)

Ann Reynolds headshot

Ann Reynolds

Associate Professor, Art History (Modern and Contemporary Art and Visual Culture)

Jack Risley headshot

Jack Risley

Meredith and Cornelia Long Chair of the Department of Art and Art History

Gretel Rodriguez

PhD Candidate, Art History (Ancient Rome)

Astrid Runggaldier headshot

Astrid Runggaldier

Assistant Director, The Mesoamerica Center / Lecturer, Art History (Mesoamerican Archaeology and Architecture)

Rose G. Salseda

PhD Candidate, Art History

Margo Sawyer headshot

Margo Sawyer

Professor, Studio Art (Sculpture & Extended Media)

William Schweigert

Lecturer, Studio Art (Theory)

Diane Selken headshot

Diane Selken

Administrative Associate, Art History

Kaila Shedeen headshot

Kaila Shedeen

PhD Candidate, Art History (Contemporary Native American Art and the African Diaspora)

Richard Shiff headshot

Richard Shiff

Professor, Art History (Modern and Contemporary Art)

Marc Silva headshot

Marc Silva

Chief Preparator, Visual Arts Center

Cherise Smith headshot

Cherise Smith

Associate Professor, African and African Diaspora Studies (Affiliated Faculty, Art History)