Department of Art and Art History Design


About the Program

Do you offer graphic design courses?
At the graduate level we do not offer courses specifically in graphic design. Graduate students may take undergraduate courses focusing on graphic design, but graduate courses are intended to allow students to create work in many media.

Can I do the program part-time or through distance learning?

Why are there so many electives?
We believe The University of Texas at Austin is an amazing place, with experts in nearly every field of human endeavor. We want graduate students in design to take advantage of that expertise.

What do graduates in the program end up doing?
Almost anything you can think of. Some alumni work for large corporations and others for small boutique firms; some start their own studios or become inventors or entrepreneurs; some become university faculty.

Do you have double or dual programs with other graduate programs?
Not right now. However, in addition to simply taking a number of electives in a single field, there are opportunities to formally engage with other disciplines through graduate portfolio programs (for example: Museum Studies; Nonprofit Studies; Sustainability; Women’s and Gender Studies; and Communication, Information, and Cultural Policy). A list of many such programs can be found at


How do I fund my degree?
Fellowships, scholarships, tuition waivers and assistantships are available. The stronger your application, the more likely you will qualify for these forms of aid. You must fill out the FAFSA in order to qualify for need-based financial aid, including federal loans and grants.

Do I have to submit a separate application to receive fellowships, grants or teaching assistantships?
No, all candidates who are offered admission are automatically considered for funding. However, we strongly recommend all applicants fill out a FAFSA application prior to the priority deadline of March 15 in order to qualify for grants and other need-based forms of aid, regardless of whether or not they intend to take out student loans.