Department of Art and Art History Studio Art

Degree Information

2-year / Full-time / In-residence

Program of Work

Course Requirements Number of Courses Hours
Studio Art 8-9 32-35
Seminars 3 12
Art History 1 3
Master's Report 1 3
Master's Exhibition 1 4
Electives 2-3 3-6
Total: 60

Critiques and Oral Exams

Critiques Committees

Students (in consultation with the Graduate Advisor) create a 3 or 4-person critique committee of Graduate Studio Faculty with whom their work is reviewed at the end of each semester in a Committee Review.

Committee Reviews

In addition to the 60-credit course of study, M.F.A. candidates in studio art meet for a review of their work with their Critique Committee at the end of each semester. These reviews consist of a presentation of the student's work from that semester, a verbal and written presentation by the student, and a question and answer period led by their Critique Committee. The first and third reviews (first and third semesters) take place the week after classes end. These are private reviews composed of the student and her/his committee members. The 30-hour review at the mid-way point is considered the candidacy review. The student must pass this review to move into the second and final year of study to begin work on her/his thesis exhibition. This review, scheduled at the end of the second semester, is open to studio art grads and faculty as silent observers. The final review, the 60-hour review, takes place in the gallery at the thesis exhibition. This is a private review. All reviews must be passed in order to progress and then complete the M.F.A. program.