Department of Art and Art History Graduate Admissions

Plan a Campus Visit

Visits or phone conversations with the Graduate Advisor, Graduate Coordinator, and/or any faculty members are not admission interviews. Any such tours and conversations will familiarize prospective students with our facilities and the mechanics of the program, but are not part of the admission decision process.

Schedule an Appointment

We do not schedule formal tours of the facilities. However, you may email the Graduate Advisor to schedule an appointment. If you're unable to make an appointment with the Graduate Advisor due to conflicting schedules, you may contact the Graduate Coordinator to schedule an appointment.

Dr. Paul E. Bolin, Art Education Graduate Advisor
Office: Art Building, Room 3.414 (3rd Floor)
Available September 1 – December and
Mid-January – Early May

kt shorb, Art Education Graduate Coordinator
Office: Art Building, Room 3.330 (3rd Floor)
Available September – December & May – July, M – W + F, 9am4pm

Exceptions to shorb's availability: No appointments will be made on dates when the university is closed.

If you would like to visit with other members of the Art Education faculty, please email them directly to request an appointment.

Self-Guided Tours

You may take a self-guided tour of the Art Building at any time during regular business hours, Monday–Friday, 8am–5pm, when the University is open.

Self-Guided Tour Map