Department of Art and Art History Graduate Admissions


Applying to the Program

I studied something else for my undergraduate degree. Can I still apply?
Yes. The only prerequisite for applying to the program is that you have a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited, four-year institution in-hand by the time you plan to matriculate. However, we favor people with some experience in the field of design. This experience may have come from formal education or it may have been gained from the professional field and other “out-of-the-classroom” experiences.

How long should the statement be?
There is no page limit, but brevity is a virtue.

What is a “research interests?”
This is the area (or areas) that you are interested in investigating through design or within design.

Can I include detail images?
Please do. You can include as many images as you feel appropriate for any one project.

Who should our recommenders be?
They should be people familiar with your education, work, or design experience. Your
recommenders can be designers or non-designers who come from either academe or industry.

What should be in my portfolio?
Your best, most recent work that shows both your previous accomplishments and your potential. Ideally, your portfolio will support your Statement of Purpose.

When will I find out if I am accepted?
Applicants will be notified of their status by mid-March.

Do I have to meet TOEFL/IELTS requirements?
All International Students who did not attend U.S. or other Anglophone undergraduate institutions must meet language requirements. Learn more about these requirements.

Do I have to take the GRE?

How many people apply each year?
45-75 for four to six seats.

I applied before, can I reapply?

Can I schedule an interview?
You are welcome to contact Graduate Coordinator kt shorb to schedule an informal meeting to answer questions. However, official interviews with the Graduate Studies Committee are extended only by invitation.

If accepted, can I defer?
No. You must attend in the semester for which you applied or re-apply in the next admissions cycle.

Can I get a critique of my submitted materials?
No. We’d like to give more feedback but constraints on faculty time do not permit it.