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Alumnus Raul De Lara opens new exhibition in Austin

Tue. June 20, 2017

walnut wood sculpture of a large carved plant and leaf standing on its own
When is a plant no longer invasive? , Raul De Lara, 2017, walnut, lacquer, alcohol and oil-based finish. (Collection of David Matt

Alumnus Raul De Lara opens new exhibition of works at Austin's Big Ass Canvas with Miami-based artist Leonardo Moliero on Friday, June 23, 2017. The opening reception will be held at the downtown 2nd street gallery from 6-9pm. 

Graduating from UT Austin in 2015 with a bachelor of fine arts degree in studio art, De Lara's undergraduate successes in the Art and Art History Department paved the way to his time in Chicago post-graduation. De Lara has spent the past few years working on the production team at Nick Cave's studio, exhibiting his own work and being awarded the Luminarts Fellowships for excellence in visual arts in Chicago. In the Fall of 2017, De Lara will attend Virginia Commonwealth University to pursue his master's of fine arts degree in the VCU Sculpture Program. 


Karen Woodward Garcia exhibiting at Dougherty Arts Center in Austin

Fri. June 2, 2017

image of six abstracted figures holding tools

Alumna Karen Woodward Garcia (B.A. in Art History, 1993) opens a new exhibition of work in June at the Dougherty Arts Center in Austin. The exhibition, Work, Play, and Somewhere In Between, includes sculpture in neon, glass and clay, as well as painting, that explores the comical absurdity of everyday life.

Woodward Garcia studied Ancient and Near Eastern art as an undergraduate at The University of Texas at Austin and especially loved her courses with professor emerita Denise Schmandt-Besserat. "I will always remember her lectures on her book and discussions of the intersecrion and interface between writing and art," Woodward Garcia said in response to recollecting her undergradute experience.

However, it was an unexpected decision to take a 3D Design course during her last semester that changed the trajectory of her work in the arts. The course eventually influenced her pursuit of her master's of fine arts degree in Sculpture, which she earned from Washington University. "Since [graduate school] I served as an educator for 10 years and as the chair of the Glass Department at the Craft Alliance Center for Art and Design in St. Louis, MO," said Woodward Garcia. "In 2010 I returned to Austin and now I'm a full time practicing artist. I always wonder what my life would have been like if I hadn't taken that one course."

Work, Play, and Somewhere In Between will be on view from June 1 - July 8, 2017 at the Dougherty Arts Center in Austin. 

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