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Visual Art Studies Courses

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Fall 2018 Courses

VAS 321C
Children’s Artistic Development I

Bethany Link
TTH 12–1:30

Examination of how arts based learning strategies can be used to promoteinquiry into the world around us.

VAS 330
Introduction to Visual Art Studies

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Elisabeth Murphy
TTH 9–10:30

An introduction to the field of art education: philosophy, current trends, instructional methods, advocacy, and careers in schools, museums, and community settings. Preservice students observe in pre-school classrooms to take note of children’s artistic and social development.

VAS 341C
Learners and Instructional Sites for Visual Art Studies

Bethany Link
TTH 11–2

An introduction to alternative instructional sites where teaching and learning in the arts take place. Methodologies, practices, and institutional dynamics are examined as they relate to planning, organizing, and implementing programs for individuals and communities.

VAS 361C
Criticism and Conversation about Art

Christopher Adejumo
MW 8–11

Through dialogic and questioning strategies, preservice students will explore diverse artworlds (including contemporary Western and non-Western) and their guiding theories and aesthetic philosophies. In addition, students will conduct field observation of site-specific art for purposes of contextual understanding of artwork.

VAS 376
Independent Study: Visual Art Studies

Individual projects to be completed under faculty supervision.