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Information for Non-Majors

Elana Logsdon, the department’s Undergraduate Academic Advisor, is unable to see potential change/add major students during the first 12 class days of spring and fall semesters or during mandatory academic advising periods each October and April. During the first 12 class days, only students with urgent registration questions should stop by the advisor's office.  During mandatory advising, only current majors in the department should stop by the advisor's office.  

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Fall 2016 Courses Open to Non-Majors

Art History

  • Introduction to the Visual Arts (ARH 301)
  • Survey of Ancient through Medieval Art (ARH 302)
  • Survey of Renaissance through Modern Art (ARH 303)
  • Most upper-division Art History (ARH) courses (open enrollment; major-restrictions not enforced)


  • Introduction to Design Theory and Criticism (DES 308)
  • Project Studio (DES 346), with consent of instructor. Email Jiwon Park for approval.
  • Most Design (DES) courses * (see instructions below for enrolling)

Studio Art

  • Drawing for Non-Majors (ART 320K and 320L)
  • Most Studio Art (ART) courses * (see instructions below for enrolling)

Visual Art Studies (Art Education)

  • Exploring Objects, Spaces, and Meaning (VAS 320)
  • Introduction to Visual Art Studies (VAS 330), with consent of instructor. Email Christina Bain for approval.

* Some previous experience in the course subject will be necessary for Non-Majors to be successful in an upper-division course. It is highly advised that you first complete a lower-division introductory course.

Instructions for Enrolling in Major-Restricted Courses in the Department of Art and Art History

On April 29, 2016, if open seats remain in major-restricted courses, some seats may be available for enrollment by Non-Majors without instructor consent.

To enroll:

  • On April 29, 2016 (8:30–Noon, 1–5) or during the first 4 class days of the fall 2016 semester, visit the undergraduate academic advisor in-person to be added to the course:

    Elana Logsdon, Undergraduate Academic Advisor
    Doty Fine Arts Building (DFA), 2.530

  • You must visit Elana in-person to enroll; requests cannot be made by email.
  • Non-Majors may not be waitlisted for these courses if they are full by the time you visit Elana.

VAPA Courses

For a listing of courses offered by the department that fulfill the Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) requirement, see the VAPA Courses page.