Department of Art and Art History Current Students

Information for Non-Majors


  • Aug. 24 - 28, 2017 the advisor will be in orientation sessions for new students and unable to assist other students at that time. 
  • Aug. 29 - Sept. 15, 2017 appointments are not an option.  Walk-in advising is offered for urgent registration needs only.  
  • Students must visit the advisor in-person to enroll in major-restricted courses. 
    Elana Logsdon, Undergraduate Academic Advisor
    Doty Fine Arts Building (DFA), 2.530  

Are you a current UT student looking to pursue a major in this department?  Do you want to know which courses we recommend you take either at UT or at another institution, prior to admission into a major in this department?  Learn how to change your major or add a simultaneous major.

Fall 2017 Courses Open to Non-Majors

Art History - Non-majors may self-register

  • Introduction to the Visual Arts (ARH 301)
  • Survey of Ancient through Medieval Art (ARH 302) 
  • Survey of Renaissance through Modern Art (ARH 303) 
  • Upper-division Art History (ARH) courses   
  • ARH 321, 375, 376, 379H are ALWAYS RESTRICTED to ARH majors only.  

Design - See instructions below for enrolling

  • Project Studio (DES 346) *  Email professor for approval. 
  • Publication Studio (DES 347)  * Email professor for approval.
  • Major-restricted Design (DES) courses * See instructions below for enrolling. 
  • DES 374, 376 are ALWAYS RESTRICTED to DES majors only.

Studio Art - See instructions below for enrolling

  • Drawing for Non-Majors (ART 320K and 320L) Non-majors may self register.
  • Major-restricted Studio Art (ART) courses *
  • ART 301C + ART 302C  Non-majors should only go to the advising office during first four class days of Fall semester, to see if any open seats remain.  The advisor cannot assist non-majors to add these courses before then.
  • ART 376 is ALWAYS RESTRICTED to ART majors only.  

* Some previous experience in the course subject will be necessary for Non-Majors to be successful in an upper-division course. It is highly advised that you first complete a lower-division introductory course.

Instructions for Enrolling in Major-Restricted Courses in the Department of Art and Art History

  • If open seats remain in major-restricted courses, some seats may be available for enrollment by non-majors without instructor consent.  
  • Even if you have instructor consent, the advisor might not be able to add you to a major restricted course.
  • If you see the course listed as "open/restricted" on the course schedule, the advisor still might not be able to add a non major to the class, if there are only a few seats open.  These seats might be needed as options for current majors who adjust their schedules, or for newly admitted external or internal transfer students.
  • Non-majors cannot be waitlisted for major restricted courses. There is no waitlist for non majors in major restricted courses.  
  • On April 28, 2017 or during the first 4 class days of Fall 17, visit the undergraduate academic advisor in-person to be possibly added to the course.  There are no appointments during this time.  Walk in registration assistance is available from 9:00–12:00, 1:00–4:00. 
  • During the 5th-12th class days of Fall 17, any student adding a course in this department must send the advisor an email containing professor consent to late add a course, in addition to stopping by the office in-person to late add a course.    

VAPA Courses

For a listing of courses offered by the department that fulfill the Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) requirement, see the VAPA Courses page.