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Design Lecture Series presents Ryan Hovenweep

Designing for Innovation

Ryan Hovenweep, Director of Creative at design studio thirteen23, looks at how our everyday tools are evolving. Using broad examples together with some recent thriteen23 case studies, he will chart the evolution of users' expectations for their products and how designers can fuse aesthetics with technology to provide engaging tools.

With an eye on how technology allows us to design new tools and tell new stories, Hovenweep has lead the creative team at thirteen23 on technology-infused design projects this year for President Obama's 2012 election, Vice Magazine, and The University of Texas. Fostering a belief that brands are defined by the products they offer, he looks for ways that his clients can offer innovative digital experiences. Before dedicating himself to a career in digital design, Hovenweep was showcasing digital artwork at museums such as the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, The Boston Center for the Arts, Arthouse Dublin, and the Austin Museum of Digital Art.