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Visual Arts Center's Spring 2013 Season Opening

Join the Visual Arts Center for the opening of the spring 2013 season!

Exhibitions on View

Lead Pencil Studio: Diffuse Reflection Lab
Lead Pencil Studio, comprised of Annie Han and Daniel Mihalyo, creates projects that traverse the territories of architecture and art. In Diffuse Reflection Lab, Lead Pencil Studio will create a structure comprised of nooks, dioramas, tableaus, corridors, and vortexes that the viewer may use as a space for personal reflection.

Diego Bianchi: Into The Wild Meaning
Into The Wild Meaning, a solo exhibition by Buenos Aires-based artist Diego Bianchi, is a platform for the inspection of objects and their ability to serve as parts of a whole. Each object is given a new purpose by the artist through his roles as builder and performer.

New Prints 2012
Presented in partnership with the Department of Art and Art History’s Printmaking Convergence Program, New Prints 2012 features thirty-six works by artists at all stages of their careers, selected from over 2,600 submissions.

Overlapping Impressions: A Study in Contrasting Cognition
Overlapping Impressions presents typographic prints made with the Rob Roy Kelly American Wood Type Collection, which is housed in the Design Division of the Department of Art and Art History at The University of Texas at Austin. Traditional in their structure, the prints are set apart by how their content is layered.

Zoe Berg: Til sjøs (At sea)
Til sjøs (At sea) is a solo show featuring the performance, video, and installation art of Zoe Berg, a senior in Studio Art and Scandinavian Studies at The University of Texas at Austin. In the exhibition, Berg crafts an absurd yet deeply sincere Norwegian-American identity through historical research, family heirlooms, and pathetic aesthetic.

Performance by Zoe Berg

Berg will also christen the space of her exhibition with a performance beginning sharply at 6pm during the exhibition’s opening. She will perform five additional times throughout the exhibition’s duration, each Thursday, 6–7pm. Props, video, and performance documentation will accumulate after each iteration to create a humorous post-performance graveyard.

Fade In screening: three years

Stick around for the first screening of the spring 2013 edition of Fade In, the VAC's program series that projects film and video each evening that is viewable through the VAC's bay windows from the southeast lawn of the Art Building. three years (2012, NR) by Skye Ashbrook, a recent alumnus of the Department of Art and Art History, is an ongoing piece that encapsulates sections of his life and experiences. Composed of thousands of frames montaged into a single work, Ashbrook’s video serves as an abstract diary and a response to interpersonal situations. More contemplative than reactionary, three years represents an inquiry of the condensation of an era into a moment. Ashbrook’s work is indebted to the films of Stan Brakhage and Jonas Mekas through the exploration of his own highly personal narrative abstraction.

three years runs continuously on a loop until midnight each evening through May 11