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2014 Eleanor Greenhill Symposium

Student presents to audience in lecture hall
Eleanor Greenhill Symposium

The Department of Art and Art History and the UT-Austin Graduate Art History Association held the 2014 Eleanor Greenhill Symposium on March 29. To an audience of the university community, prospective graduate students and scholars, current graduates present their research at this annual symposium. Roja Najafi, doctoral candidate and Vivian L. Smith Foundation Fellow at The Menil Collection, states that, "dialogue is the core of the Greenhill symposium. And to me, the Greenhill Symposium not only signifies the quality of research at our department, but also the progressive mentality of scholarly process."

Students submit papers for consideration to a committee of art history graduate students and faculty. Selected papers are reviewed by the committee for feedback and the students rehearse their presentations before the event. Through this process, students gain invaluable experience in their presentation skills and additional responses to their topics.

Jeannie McKetta discussed Cy Twombly and L'Esperienza Moderna. Elliot Lopez-Finn presented on Defining the Red Background Style: The Production of Object and Identity in an Ancient Maya Court. Ann Merkle spoke about A Tall Building, Artistically Considered: Dubai's Burj Khalifa and Louis Sullivan's Vision. Cody Castillo discussed A Monument of Egyptian Triumph: The Iseum Campensis and the Reign of Agustus. Roja Najafi presented on Responses to Cubism: Material Allusions of the Three Jeans of Tachisme.

The Eleanor Greenhill Symposium occurs annually and allows graduate students the opportunity to present their research to the larger university and scholarly community. The symposium was named in honor of Dr. Eleanor Greenhill, a distinguished Medievalist who served as faculty at the Department of Art and Art History until 1985.