Department of Art and Art History News

Beili Liu exhibition at the Art Museum of Southeast Texas

Wed. May 14, 2014

Steel suspended from studio ceiling
"Chine", laser cut steel, stainless steel cable, fan. Photo courtesy of the artist

Professor Beili Liu's most recent installation "Chine" will be displayed at the Art Museum of Southeast Texas May 24 through August 31. The opening reception will be held May 30 and include a talk with the artist.

Liu's time and process based installations explore subjects of cultural specificity and overlaps, transient or persistent energy, and conflicting and confluent forces. Thread, paper, incense, wood, salt, water, these simple materials and compounds are the vehicles by which Beili Liu hand crafts microcosms of fragility and poignancy. By working on these everyday materials, Liu manipulates their intrinsic and bare qualities to extrapolate much more complex cultural narratives.