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CLAVIS Hosts Three-Day Global Symposium

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Contacts and Divergences in Latin American and U.S. Latino Art,
19th Century to the Present
3rd International Forum for Emerging Scholars
October 25-27, 2012



The Center for Latin American Visual Studies (CLAVIS) in the Department of Art and Art History is pleased to announce the third annual International Forum for Emerging Scholars this October. Throughout the three-day global symposium, 14 panel discussions with 68 international scholars from over 29 research institutions will gather to investigate the multitude of perspectives that inform the artistic production and discourse of Latin American and U.S. Latino art from the 19th century to the present. Laura Malosetti Costa of Universidad Nacional de San Martin will act as this year’s Keynote Speaker.

The topic for this year’s forum is centered around the idea of synchronicity, an apparently meaningful coincidence in time of two or more similar events that are causally unrelated. The forum seeks to present multiple, if sometimes dissonant, voices in order to call into question existing national and international historical narratives. Participants will present alternate modes of historiography that break down causality and homogeneity in favor of more critically comparative methods that better facilitate an understanding of artistic production at disparate moments and locations. This approach encourages scholars to think in wider terms, beyond established topics, in relation to other geographical and historical developments.

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