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The Department Welcomes Dr. Astrid Runggaldier

Tue. October 30, 2012

Astrid Runggaldier

Dr. Astrid Runggaldier joins the Department of Art and Art History this fall as a Senior Lecturer with a teaching focus on Mesoamerican cultures. Through the Mesoamerica Center, she will lead the courses of UT’s semester-long Study Abroad program at Casa Herrera in Antigua, Guatemala.

Originally from Italy, Runggaldier is an anthropological archaeologist interested in ancient Mesoamerican cultures and in particular in Maya architecture, households, and built environments. In 2009 she received her Ph.D in Archaeology from Boston University with a dissertation entitled “Memory and Materiality in Monumental Architecture: Construction and Reuse of a Late Preclassic Maya Palace at San Bartolo, Guatemala.” She has been in excavations in Guatemala and Belize, as well as in the northeastern US, Cyprus, and Turkey. Runggaldier has worked at San Bartolo, Guatemala since 2003, where her research has explored palaces, elite and ordinary residences from the Preclassic to Late Classic periods. Currently she is also involved in the Brea Project in the middle Belize River valley, where she directs an archaeological laboratory and pursues the investigation of Preclassic settlement.