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Junior Design Students Launch 512stew Project

Mon. November 4, 2013

Junior design students launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund “512stew”— a book highlighting the work of 18 designers in the “Images in Communication” course.

From the 512stew website:

“There have been songs, movies, stories and photographs highlighting the city. However, as young creators we see it differently. We strived to go deeper than the surface through our intimate one-on-one experiences. In this book, there is text, photography, paintings, graphic design, and video. We have all worked hard to contribute our own style and understanding of these cultures.

Through exploring individual definitions of culture in Austin, we are expressing our strengths and developing our weaknesses. By delving into these topics, we hope to celebrate Austin in a way that is unlike a typical publication. Hopefully, through our viewpoints, you will get a more in-depth view of the city and fall in love with everything we have to show while learning something new!”

 “Images in Communication” is a core studio course for juniors in the design division of the Department of Art and Art History. Working on a single project for an entire semester, the course considers the book as a platform for thinking about design as a powerful means of communication and an engaging cultural practice.

Portraits of 18 designers that created 512stew.
Image: 512stew