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Professor Susan Rather Named the Inaugural Senior Scholar in the Tyson Scholars of American Art Program at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

Tue. October 9, 2012

Susan Rather
Susan Rather with Crystal Bridges founder Alice Walton
Photo courtesy of Crystal Bridges Museum

Associate Professor of Art History Susan Rather has been named as the inaugural senior scholar in the Tyson Scholars of American Art program at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. Crystal Bridges, in Bentonville, Arkansas, was founded in 2005 by philanthropist Alice Walton and opened to the public in November 2011. 2011-12 is the pilot year for the scholars’ program, which has been funded by a $5 million commitment from the Tyson Family and Tyson Foods, Inc. Rather will serve in an advisory capacity as the program is developed, both during the fall semester when she is in residence, and in the spring for fellowship deliberations. At Crystal Bridges, Rather will complete her manuscript for a book titled The American School: Artists and Status in the Late Colonial and Early National Era. This study offers nuanced examination of a variety of artifacts and texts in considering the shifting image of "artist" during the defining period in our nation’s history.