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Marie Lorenz

Lecturer, Studio Art (Print / Sculpture & Extended Media)

Kristin Lucas headshot

Kristin Lucas

Assistant Professor, Studio Art (Transmedia)

Jackie Mann headshot

Jackie Mann

MA Candidate, Art History (Byzantine and Early Medieval Art)

C.C. Marsh

PhD Candidate, Art History (Modern and Contemporary Art)

Jeannie McKetta

PhD Candidate, Art History
Eric McMaster headshot

R. Eric McMaster

Manager, Digital Fabrication Lab / Lecturer, Studio Art

Bucky Miller

Lecturer, Studio Art (Photography & Media)

Stephennie Mulder headshot

Stephennie Mulder

Associate Professor, Art History (Islamic Art and Architecture)

Betsy Murphy headshot

Betsy Murphy

Lecturer, Art Education and UTeach Art

Jennifer L. Muslin

PhD Candidate, Art History

Leslie Mutchler

Leslie Mutchler

Associate Professor, Studio Art (AAH Core / Print)

Allison Myers headshot

Allison Myers

PhD Candidate, Art History (Modern and Contemporary Art)

Jihyun Nam

PhD Candidate, Art History

Julia Elizabeth Neal

PhD Candidate, Art History (Modern/Contemporary U.S. Art and African-American Art)

Adele Nelson headshot

Adele Nelson

Assistant Professor, Art History (Latin American Art)