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Visual Arts Center

 woman in clear canoe paddling in bayou

I Think We Meet Here

January 26 — February 23, 2018

Through an exhibition of video-based work, Shana Hoehn (USA), Yue Nakayama (Japan), and Felipe Steinberg (Brazil) engage in a search — for freelance animators, participants on dating/meeting platforms and monsters. Their videos explore the relationships that emerge as a result of their searches.  Read More

Associated Programs

Artist Talk: I Think We Meet Here
February 1 • 4pm

 aztec codex image of colorful folio

The Codex Borgia

January 26 — February 23, 2018

The Codex Borgia is one of the few surviving examples of indigenous book of beliefs and ceremonies of the ancient Americas. Never before exhibited, this reproduction of The Codex Borgia makes its debut at the Visual Arts Center.  Read More

Associated Programs

Gallery Talk with Astrid Runggaldier and Elliot López-Finn
January 31 • 2pm

Painting Sacred Time: An Artists’ Guide to The Codex Borgia
February 13 • 11:15am

Spanish-Language Gallery Tour of The Codex Borgia
February 15 • Noon

 styrofoam letters spelling Build It and They Will Come

Just Press Print

January 26 — February 23, 2018

Just Press Print is an international, traveling group exhibition that explores the introduction of 21st century technologies within the discipline of printmaking.  Read More

Associated Programs

Guest Artist in Print Program: Paul Laidler
January 23 • 3:30pm

Print Futures panel
January 28 • 1–3pm

 image of chair frames fused together with pink foam

Almost Doesn’t Count

January 26 — February 23, 2018

Relatability, alienation, and the desire to categorize frame the conversation of Almost Doesn’t Count. Drawing from both their Asian and white backgrounds, Rachel Henson and Emily Lee explore the endless in-between-ness of identifying oneself.  Read More

Associated Programs

Performance: Shove
January 31 • 5pm

A Chat about Things: Artist Talk with Emily Lee and Rachael Henson
February 7 • 5pm

 red drawing


February 9–23, 2018

Students of art are inexorably tied to the past. For better or for worse, the work we create is viewed through the lens of the artists before us. The Undergraduate Art History Association presents Untitled, an exhibition exploring the relationship between contemporary art and the theory of the past.  Read More

 simulated print on wall and floor

Gold Tape

January 26 — February 8, 2018

Gold Tape is a print show featuring new work from Print students at The University of Texas at Austin, experiments with introducing and interlacing new forms of media with traditional printmaking techniques.  Read More

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