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Urban Art and Design: Mexico City

Urban Art and Design: Mexico City is a fall semester program that focuses on Mexico City’s contemporary art and design scenes.

Mexico City (CDMX) is one of the most vibrant, welcoming, boisterous, dissonant and ultimately dazzling cities in the world. With nearly 9 million residents, it is one of the planet’s great urban laboratories where social, artistic and ecological problems meet solutions every day. CDMX is a global hub of art, architecture and communication full of creative people and big ideas.

Students enroll in two art history courses and one studio art course taught by expert UT faculty, satisfying Global Cultures and Independent Inquiry flags. A Spanish-language course, taught by a local instructor, is also offered. The small, month-long courses are offered sequentially (with the exception of Spanish), so students can focus intensely on the subject matter and learn through visits to studios, galleries, museums, heritage sites and other cultural gathering spaces. Students will live in a central, verdant and architecturally-significant neighborhood, and on the weekends, one can walk or take a bicycle-share from Art Deco La Condesa or hip Roma Norte to the historic downtown and catalog street art and food along the way.

Program canceled for 2020. Check back for 2021 program status.


Dr. George Flaherty
Associate Professor, Art History (Latin American and U.S. Latino Art)

Virginia Colwell
Artist, Studio Art faculty


Contemporary Art of Mexico
ARH 341M (fulfills Global Culture and Independent Inquiry flags)
Dr. George Flaherty

This course explores Mexico City’s art scene that exploded in the 1990s and introduces students to key artists, exhibition spaces and critical debates then and now.

Encounters with Mexico Past and Present
ARH 361
Dr. George Flaherty

In this course, students study firsthand collisions between the pre-Hispanic past, colonial and modem periods, and today, touching on issues such as urban redevelopment, tourism, historic preservation, museum display and climate-change engineering.

Transmedia for Nonmajors / Advanced Topics in Studio Art: Laboratory
ART 352K / ART 379T (for Studio Art majors)
Virginia Colwell

This course examines and reinterprets students’ experiences of Mexico City, its history, and current art movements through visits to local artists’ studios, popular art production houses and in-class lectures. Projects will examine the contemporary iterations of Mexico City art traditions such as political art, urban performance and photoreportage.

SPN 601D / 610D / 611D

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Chelsea Cowan, Program Coordinator

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