Art Education Courses

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Fall 2023 Courses

AED 330
Introduction to Art Education

Dawn Stienecker
MW 8–11
Fulfills →  Writing flag
Instruction Mode →  Face-to-Face

Introduction to art education. Examine philosophy, current trends, instructional methods, evaluation, and advocacy. Explore careers in art education, museum education, and cultural or social educational settings.

AED 341C
Learners and Instructional Sites for Art Education

Christopher Adejumo
TTH 8–11
Instruction Mode →  Face-to-Face

In this course, students will explore artistic practices and art instruction within alternative spaces in community settings. Students will examine the theoretical framework, basic characteristics, and examples of socially engaged artistic practices and socially engaged art education. Also, students will consider disciplinary approaches to socially engaged art education. As part of experiential learning in this course, students will observe interdisciplinary programming activities at the University of Texas at Austin Child Development Center (UTCDC), which is a community-oriented care-giving and educational establishment.

AED 361C
Criticism and Conversation about Art

Dawn Stienecker
TTH 11–2
Instruction Mode →  Hybrid

Explore individual and professional evaluations of visual imagery, artifacts, and artistic production in a variety of settings.

AED 372
Examining Connections Between Art, Resiliency, and Trauma

Donalyn Haise
W 11–2
Instruction Mode →  Face-to-Face

This course examines the connection between art, resilience and trauma, with emphasis on the impact of psychological trauma on academic and social emotional well-being. Includes exploration of strength-based approaches for fostering resilience through hands on engagement through the creative arts. Designed for art educators, general educators, teaching artists, designers, social workers, and other professionals who work with youth and adults in schools, museums or community settings.

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