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Fall 2022 Teaching Formats

Instruction mode "Internet" in course schedule. The course is taught entirely online and does not require in-person activities on campus.

Online with Required In-Person Component
Instruction mode "Hybrid or Blended" in course schedule. The course is a hybrid format that blends online instruction and required in-person activities on campus. Students may be divided into smaller groups for in-person instruction and will be advised by their instructor as to which days to report on campus.

Instruction mode "Face-to-Face" in course schedule. The course is taught entirely in-person.

Fall 2022 Courses

AED 330
Introduction to Visual Art Studies

This course is an introduction to the field of art education, a professional area of content and investigation referred to in the title of this course as Visual Arts Studies. Throughout the course, examination is made of a range of locations where education in the visual arts occurs beyond K-12 public schools, such as museums, community centers, and a variety of other community-based locations. Students explore this field of study through a lens of looking at past and present directions for art education, with each student working to establish a solid theoretical and practical foundation for his/her own future path within this dynamic professional field. It is necessary that art educators be grounded in their beliefs about the critical need for art within the lives of all individuals and their communities, and this class is an introduction to the development of these ideas. The format for this course is a combination of lecture, discussion, oral presentation, community work, writing, and hands on production/creation. Some in-class work is done through collaboration between class members; most assignments are completed individually. Class sessions take place online with required in person learning on campus, the Visual Art Center, the UT Child Development Center, and the Blanton Museum.

This is a “writing” intensive class. A variety of writing assignments are given throughout the semester. Specific requirements for each writing assignment are presented in detail when each assignment is given, which is well in advance of when a writing assignment is due.

Pam Arnold
W 8–11
Teaching Format →  In-Person

AED 341C
Learners and Instructional Sites for Visual Art Studies

Instructional procedures, observations, and evaluation of early childhood through grade twelve classroom and community-based art instruction.

Christopher Adejumo
TTH 8–11
Teaching Format →  In-Person

AED 361C
Criticism and Conversation About Art

Individual and professional evaluations of visual imagery, artifacts, and artistic production in a variety of settings.

Lisa Kastello
TTH 11–2
Teaching Format →  In-Person

AED 372
Examining Connections between Art, Resiliency, and Trauma

This course examines the connection between art, resilience and trauma, with emphasis on the impact of psychological trauma on academic and social emotional well-being. Includes exploration of strength-based approaches for fostering resilience through hands on engagement through the creative arts. Designed for art educators, general educators, teaching artists, designers, social workers, and other professionals who work with youth and adults in schools, museums or community settings.

Donalyn Heise
TTH 2–5
Teaching Format →  In-Person

AED 376C
Independent Study: Visual Art Studies

Individual projects to be completed under faculty supervision.

Requires consent of instructor to register.

Fulfills →  Independent Inquiry flag

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