Visual Art Studies Courses

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Fall 2019 Courses

VAS 330
Introduction to Visual Art Studies

Betsy Murphy
MW 9–10:30

An introduction to visual art studies: philosophy, current trends, instructional methods, evaluation, advocacy, and careers in art education, museum education, and cultural or social educational settings.

VAS 341C
Learners and Instructional Sites for VAS

Christopher Adejumo
TTH 8–11

Instructional procedures, observations, and evaluation of early childhood through grade twelve classroom and community-based art instruction.

VAS 361C
Criticism and Conversations in Art

Dawn Stienecker
MW 11–2

Individual and professional evaluations of visual imagery, artifacts, and artistic production in a variety of settings.

VAS 376
Independent Study: Visual Art Studies

Individual projects to be completed under faculty supervision.

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