Art Education Courses

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Spring 2023 Courses

AED 351C
Art Materials, Techniques, and Processes

Betsy Murphy
TTH 11–12
Instruction Mode →  Face-to-Face

This course involves the exploration of basic materials, techniques, and processes of art production in elementary through high school classrooms and alternative settings in the community. Students will learn how to guide pupils through meaningful art production in diverse learning environments. The first hour of class will be devoted to discussion of readings and documentaries. The last two hours will be used for art production.

The objectives of this course are that students will:

  • Become knowledgeable about the basic materials, techniques, and processes used in art making in the public schools and alternative settings.
  • Understand the benefits of art as an important subject in the school curriculum and as a means of social engagement.
  • Develop a portfolio for K-12 art instruction or art instruction in alternative settings.
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