Undergraduate Majors

Studio Art

The undergraduate Studio Art program offers comprehensive study in a close-knit community for students interested in pursuing graduate study or a professional career in the visual arts. Rather than providing degrees in a single medium (such as Painting or Photography), the undergraduate program offers two degrees in Studio Art that each allows students to take courses across five areas of study: Painting & Drawing, Photography & Media, Print, Sculpture & Extended Media, and Transmedia (video / performance / digital media).

Art History

The undergraduate Art History program provides a foundation for an enduring understanding of art and prepares students for a variety of professional roles and advanced academic study. Students are exposed to a range of periods and cultures while mastering aspects of art historical research such as critical thinking, problem solving, source analysis, and effective writing.

Art Education (UTeach Art)

Students in the undergraduate Art Education program learn the latest methods of pedagogy that prepare and certify them to teach visual art at elementary, middle, and high school levels in Texas.

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