Guest Artist in Print Program (GAPP)

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Guest Artist in Print Program (GAPP)

The Guest Artist in Print Program (GAPP) invites contemporary artists working in print media for a one week residency at UT's print shops to develop a new project with the assistance of print faculty and students. In addition to presenting a public lecture, visiting artists directly engage with undergraduate and graduate students through studio visits, workshops, and/or class visits.

Since 1979 GAPP has invited notable contemporary artists such as Luis Camnitzer, Squeak Carnwath, Karl Wirsum, and Judith Linhares to create new work alongside students. This unique program encourages and expands the dialogue about contemporary print and the expanded field at UT while also fostering an invaluable collaborative exchange of ideas, processes, and techniques.


Sean P. Morrissey (Fall)
Kelly Taylor Mitchell (Spring)


Naomi Nakazato (Fall) 
Marina Ancona (Spring)


Be Oakley (Fall) 
Carmen Winant (Spring)


Padma Rajendran (Fall) 
Kameelah Janan Rasheed (Fall) 
Chinn Wang (Spring)


Nikita Gale (VAC Artist-in-Residence) (Fall) 
Lauren Moya Ford (Fall) 
Karen Lederer (Spring)


Emma Kohlmann (Fall) 
Tate Foley (Fall) 
Lauren Clay (Spring)


Lauren Pakradooni (Fall) 
Paul Laidler (Spring)


Amze Emmons (2010) 
Tony Fitzpatrick (2009) 
Squeak Carnwath (2008) 
Sean Caulfield (2007) 
Francisco Souto (2007) 
Karen Kunc (2003) 
Tom Huck (2002)


Jim Nutt (1997)
Luis Jiménez (1996)
Michael Miller (1994)
John Yau (1994)
Peter Saul (1994)
Judith Linhares (1993)
John Moore (1993)
Robert Wilson (1993)
Don Colley (1992)
Alex Donis (1992)
John Moore (1992)
Carmen Lomas Garza (1991)
Jeff Pavlat (1991)
Patssi Valdéz (1991)
Eric Avery (1991)
Michael Tracy (1990)

1980s and 1970s

Terry Allen (1989)
Jeanette Pasin Sloan (1989)
Roger Herman (1987)
Kenneth Kerslake (1987)
Melissa Miller (1986)
James Surls (1986)
Robert Wilson (1986)
Margaret Prentice (1985)
Dan Rizzie (1985)
Vernon Fisher (1984)
Jane Eldora Abrams (1983)
Paula Crane (1981)
Karl Wirsum (1980)
Leonard Lehrer (1979)
Armando Morales (1979)