Art/Figure Modeling

student painting at easel

Art/Figure Modeling

The Department of Art and Art History hires figure models to pose for Drawing and Painting courses.

If you would like to apply to be a model, please complete the application. If accepted, we will contact you. Please do not follow up to inquire about your application.

Art/Figure Modeling Application

Things to Know

  • Drawing and Painting classes are held Monday – Thursday and are each three hours long. Morning classes are always 8:00–11:00 and afternoon classes are always from 2:00–5:00. Occasionally there are late-morning classes that meet 11:00–2:00 and evening classes that meet 5:00–8:00.
  • Most models are scheduled to work 1–2 sessions per week.
  • Generally, models are required to pose in 30-minute sittings or quick 30-second gestural poses, with a couple of short breaks during the session. Variations may be established with each instructor; however, there must be a reasonable balance between posing periods and breaks. Each model is entitled to a total break of 30 minutes during the 3-hour session.
  • Models are paid $25 per hour and deducted for every quarter hour (15 minutes) when late or absent.
  • Models are paid twice monthly.
  • Models must conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times.
  • The Department of Art and Art History does conduct a background check for each applicant.


Stefanie Donley
Senior Administrative Associate