Coursework Equivalents

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Coursework Equivalents

Equivalents for University Core Curriculum

We recommend external transfer applicants complete some, but not all of the university Core Curriculum prior to entering UT Austin. Why not all? A balanced semester load includes two or three studio-based or Art History courses, paired with one or two university Core Curriculum courses. If you have completed all of the Core Curriculum prior to entering UT Austin, you may be left with only studio-based or Art History courses each semester, which is not advisable in most cases.

To learn how courses taken at other Texas colleges will transfer to UT Austin, consult the Office of Admissions’ Automated Transfer Equivalency System.

Equivalents for First-Year Core Courses

Transfer applicants (external and internal) are strongly encouraged to pursue and transfer credits for courses equivalent to the department’s First-Year Core requirements.

TCCN = Texas Common Course Numbering system

  • ART 311C — Core Studio: Drawing
    Transfer Equivalent: Drawing I (TCCN: ARTS 1316)
  • ART 312C — Core Studio: 2D
    Transfer Equivalent: 2D Design (TCCN: ARTS 1311)

  • ART 313C — Core Studio: 3D
    Transfer Equivalent: 3D Design (TCCN: ARTS 1312)

  • ART 314C — Core Studio: Time and Technology
    Transfer coursework reviewed on case-by-case basis to determine equivalency

  • ARH 302 — Survey of Ancient through Medieval Art
    Transfer Equivalent: Art History I (TCCN: ARTS 1303)

  • ARH 303 — Survey of Renaissance through Modern Art
    Transfer Equivalent: Art History II (TCCN: ARTS 1304)