Art History Lecture Series and Antiquities Action presents: Antiquities Looting and Equitable Resolutions with Leila Amineddoleh

Nov 16, 2022 5:00 PM


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As the recent discovery of a 1st c. BCE Roman portrait bust in an Austin Goodwill demonstrates, the looting of antiquities is a problem that has faced cultures for millennia. But with changing attitudes about sovereign ownership and the collecting of pilfered objects, museums and collectors have either voluntarily restituted objects or have been the target of demands for the rightful return of cultural materials. This lecture will discuss antiquities disputes and legal methods for resolving these battles, including an examination of well-known litigation like the Roman Goodwill bust now on display in the San Antonio Museum of Art, as well as non-litigious approaches and ethical considerations.

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Leila A. Amineddoleh is an expert in the field of art and cultural heritage law. She represents major art collectors, museums, galleries, dealers, non-profits, artists, estates, foundations and foreign governments. She has been involved in matters related to multi-million dollar contractual disputes, international cultural heritage law violations, the recovery of stolen art and antiquities, complex fraud schemes, authentication disputes, art-backed loans, and the purchase and sale of hundreds of millions of dollars of art and collectibles. 

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