Color Marketing & Psychology in Popular Culture

Feb 20, 2019 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

ART 1.102
Wednesday Evening Color Salons

The Wednesday Evening Color Salons are a public speaker series presented as part of The New Color, a course taught by Luanne Stovall, artist and color theorist. Each salon will pair a guest speaker with a color-focused topic. On Feb. 20, the salon series welcomes Matthew McCutchin, Elizabeth Foster, Leana Shefman, and Michelle Washington

Color is an emotional trigger - weaving complex messages into the clothes we wear, the environments we navigate, and the games we play. Join us to explore behind-the-scenes psychology operating at the intersection of color and popular culture, where custom palettes resonate with specific target audiences. Learn how Elizabeth Foster color-codes video game worlds, Michelle Washington tracks color palettes across diverse fashion platforms, and Leana Shefman and Matt McCutchin manage carefully constructed retail brand experiences vital to the success of companies from Diesel, Nike, and YETI, to Home Depot and Baskin Robbins. 

Print out your own poster for the Wednesday Evening Color Salons, using our PDF.  

Elizabeth Foster, Senior Environment Artist, Armature Studio

Leana Shefman, Retail Brand Experience Manager for Diesel, Nike, YETI

Michelle Washington, Fashion Industry Professional and Instructional Coordinator of ACC Fashion Incubator

Matthew McCutchin, Creative Director and Advertising Faculty, UT Austin

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