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Context is Everything: A Gold Medal Celebration for John R. Clarke, Redux

john clarke examining his work on site of oplontis

On January 6, 2017, in Toronto, the Archaeological Institute of America awarded its highest honor—the Gold Medal for Distinguished Archaeological Achievement—to UT Art History Professor John Clarke.  In association with International Archaeology Day, the Center for the Study of Ancient Italy (CSAI) is sponsoring an abridged reprise of the Gold Medal Colloquium in Toronto for members of the UT community and the public.  

Chaired by CSAI Professor Penelope Davies, this short colloquium will feature three fifteen-minute papers:

Illustrated Texts and Ancient Sex Manuals
Andrew M. Riggsby
Lucy Shoe Meritt Professor of Classics and Professor of Art History
University of Texas at Austin 

Frolicking Fullers 
Lauren Hackworth Petersen
Professor of Art History
University of Delaware 

Eat, Drink, and Be Impressed: Monumentality, Leisure, and the
Evolution of Architectural Design at Oplontis Villa A

Michael L. Thomas
Director, Center for the Study of Ancient Italy
University of Texas at Austin