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Gold Tape

simulated print on wall and floor

Gold Tape, a show featuring new work from Print students at The University of Texas at Austin, experiments with introducing and interlacing new forms of media with traditional printmaking techniques. Gold Tape will include colorful, curious and interactive printed matter on clothes, sculptures, canvas, pillows, plants. The exhibition will feature a ‘Zine Screen,’ a wall divider of hanging artist magazines that viewers can flip through, read and enjoy.

Participating artists 

Christina Martin
Rachel Tyler
Kendall Bradley
Katie Broyles
Michael Colaianni (Alumnus)
Griffith Greer
Anna Fields
Hannah Fipp-Rosenfield
Danielle Gines
Alexandra Guillen
Bryant Ju
Haley Hill
Abigail Kinsel
Anna Pederson (Alumna)
Manola Ramirez
Maria Ramirez
Henry Smith (Alumnus)