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Mille Otto

charcoal drawing
Logan Larsen, Under the Arch Series: Drawing Three, 2017

While studying the rich cultural history of what is now central Italy, students participating in the Learning Tuscany program produced their own works of art. With a concern for immediacy and portability, students were tasked with finding honest, direct and experimental ways to respond to the highly immersive conditions each day brought.

The Learning Tuscany summer program at The University of Texas at Austin focuses on the art and architecture of Tuscany and central Italy. Students live and work at Santa Chiara, a restored convent that now hosts students from across the United States. Students explore myriad ways of seeing the significance of Tuscany through careful collaborations by two University of Texas at Austin faulty members who focus on the art and art history of the region of Tuscany.

Mille Otto includes work by Alicia Amberson, Amy Anderson, Celeste Ballien, Madi Beavers, Erin Branscum, June Chee, Annie Daubert, Abigail Davis, Sasha Fishman, Shelby Flowers, Tesch Jerles, Logan Larsen, Jenna Ma, Alyssa Miller, Machaela Moore, Mackenzie Nissen, Wagner Nors, Jade Partain, Caroline Richardson, Noel Rivera, Julia Sunderman, Jorge Vara, Sierra Villalobos, Christina Willis and Elizabeth Wood.