Join us for an International Archaeology Day activity as we explore the history and art of Maya textiles! During this 1-hour workshop, participants will learn about textiles in Maya art, from examples depicted on ancient stone monuments and ceramic pots. Then you will be invited to choose and color a unique textile design from templates provided by workshop leaders to create your personal, colorful version of an ancient pattern. Participants can print templates at home to color during the workshop, or they can download a suggested coloring app on a tablet or cell phone and upload templates to color – we’ll show you how!

This activity will be held as a live Zoom meeting for families with children ages 5-13. The workshop is free but registration is required. You will receive an email with templates to download and print the day before the workshop.

Register for workshop in English →

The workshop will also be held in Spanish on October 28 at 12pm CST/11am in Guatemala. 

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