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drawn portraits of many people overlapping in white on a red background

Students of art are inexorably tied to the past. For better or for worse, the work we create is viewed through the lens of the artists before us. The Undergraduate Art History Association presents Untitled, an exhibition exploring the relationship between contemporary art and the theory of the past.

This exhibition is organized by Professor Janice Leoshko and the Undergraduate Art History Association.

The Undergraduate Art History Association (UAHA) is a student organization officially sponsored by the College of Fine Arts, whose purposes are to promote the visual arts and to advance the career and educational opportunities of its members, during and beyond their time at college. Its primary function is to establish a dialogue between UAHA members and the Art History and Studio Art divisions of the department. From time to time, the Association also plans bus trips to major exhibitions in Texas museums.


Erin Branscum 
Sasha Fishman
Shelby Flowers
Tanya Gantiva
Kaelyn Jade Huang
Brooke Johnson
Clay Kogut
Logan Larsen
Jade Partain
Rachel Tyler


Keya Patel
Mackenzie Nissen
Nick Purgett
Minsu Kwon

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