Counting Corners in a Sphere is an undergraduate exhibition curated by the Spring 2024 cohort of Advanced Printmaking, taught by Erin Miller and Javier Robelo (MFA 2025) at the University of Texas at Austin. This exhibition perpetuates the tradition of collaboration between UT Austin’s Art and Art History Department and the ICOSA collective, granting its emerging artists the opportunity to showcase their semester-long research in printmaking.


Counting Corners in a Sphere encompasses both the absurdity of finding a corner in a sphere and the monumental task of counting the endlessly infinite points composing the sphere; it offers futility and infinite opportunity. It prompts the continuous reevaluation of the world around us, while challenging preconceived human notions of what is and isn’t tangible or of importance; in attempting to uncover the nature of our existence, we bury our answers further. Several artists in the show work with memory as both a material and concept as a way of analyzing perception, while considering the natural distortions of such over time. Others are interested in the exploration of discomfort and humor found within personal narratives to present unique stories and realities. The work of Counting Corners in a Sphere offers audiences a reflective investigation of the complexities of our existence through the interdisciplinary methods of printmaking.

Event Status

ICOSA Gallery (map)

Free and Open to the Public