Bethany Johnson We Live on a Planet is illustrated here with a landscape that is created through ink and paper clippings The piece is demonstrating a bright yellow background that is slowly dissolving into a more stark image

Bethany Johnson: We Live on a Planet

In her collage series, We Live on a Planet (2018-2019), Bethany Johnson layers clippings from the pages of nature magazines, science textbooks, atlases, graph paper notebooks and security envelopes, meditating on graphic representations of the natural world.

Oct 3
2019 –
Jan 25

Courtyard Gallery


inkjet print from Maria Antelman riffing on anthropomorphization of technology and aesthetics of early IBM advertising

Maria Antelman: Mechanisms of Affection

Merging the digital and analog through photomontage, sound installation, sculpture, and animation, New York-based artist Maria Antelman probes the intersections between the body, photography, computers, and cyberspace.

Sep 20 – Dec 6

Visual Arts Center

still from All of M a video from artist Kenneth Tam exploring male identity and intimacy

Kenneth Tam: Details

Through video and sculpture, New York-based artist Kenneth Tam questions conceptions of masculinity, gendered forms of identity formation, and male intimacy.

Sep 20 – Dec 6

Visual Arts Center

Installation image of Nikita Gale work Interceptor featuring Mic stands cables metal studs


Los Angeles-based artist Nikita Gale makes work that visually articulates the mechanics of sound and points to the intertwined histories of politics and “the crowd.”

Sep 20 – Dec 6

Visual Arts Center

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