Learning Tuscany: Summer Pilgrims

The photographs in this exhibition were made during the six-week Learning Tuscany summer study abroad program. Informed by an intensive art history curriculum that investigated the historic role of pilgrimage in Italian art and culture, students were tasked with photographically examining the contemporary iteration of pilgrimage: global tourism.

Sep 23 – Oct 8

Visual Arts Center

El Otro Lado

Featuring works from a collective of four Mexican-American artists, El Otro Lado presents the stories of Latinx communities and confronts exploitative histories through still life, environmental portraiture, and the archive.

Sep 23 – Dec 10

Social Fabric: Art and Activism in Contemporary Brazil

Social Fabric: Art and Activism in Contemporary Brazil brings together the work of ten artists who reflect upon the long-standing histories of oppressive power structures in the territory now known as Brazil.

Sep 23
2022 –
Mar 10


Painted Hooves: 2022 Studio Art MFA Thesis Exhibition

Painted Hooves features work from a combined cohort of sixteen graduating MFA students from UT Austin.

May 13 – 28

Interrupting Waller Creek graphic

Interrupting Waller Creek

Students in ART 314C Core: Time & Technology have created an installation in and around Waller Creek consisting of physically printed images and augmented reality experiences.

Apr 11 – 25

Waller Creek behind the Alumni Center (Map)

Colossal Wait: 2022 Senior Art Exhibition

Colossal Wait showcases over fifty young artists making work in the context of a rapidly changing social climate.

Apr 8 – 23

No Longer, Not Yet: 2022 Senior Design Exhibition

This exhibition presents capstone projects from forty graduating students in the Design BFA program, highlighting a shared, transitory moment as they consider what it means to be no-longer-students and not-yet-professionals.

Apr 8 – 23

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