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Graduate Study

MFA in Studio Art

The Master of Fine Arts in Studio Art is a fast-paced, full-time, studio-intensive interdisciplinary degree program that takes full advantage of the university’s physical, technical and intellectual resources. Students can choose to work in-depth in a particular discipline or across any of five areas: Painting & Drawing, Photography & Media, Print, Sculpture & Extended Media, and Transmedia (video / performance / digital media).

MA in Art History

The Master of Arts in Art History is a two-year, in-residence course of study in which students spend three semesters devoted largely to seminars, with the fourth and final semester spent researching and writing a thesis. Students may pursue a generalized or specialized track of study and research.

PhD in Art History

The doctoral program in Art History involves three semesters of seminar coursework, as well as qualifying exams on four topics and competency tests in two foreign languages. Students then apply for PhD candidacy and begin work on their dissertation. PhD students also have opportunities to gain teaching experience as Teaching Assistants and Assistant Instructors, the latter of whom design and independently lead lower-division courses in Art History.

MA in Art Education

The Master of Arts in Art Education is a a rigorous and highly regarded degree program that is distinctive in its options for curricular focus. A comprehensive set of core courses provide a foundation in general arts instruction that is enhanced by focused study in one of three areas: Art Education in Schools, Art Education in Museums, or Art Education in Community-Based Programs.

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