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Labs & Studios

Digital Fabrication Lab

Home to the latest in creative technologies, the Digital Fabrication Lab (aka the Fab Lab) offers resources for digital visualization and fabrication, including 3D scanners and modeling applications, 3D printers, laser cutters/engravers, CNC milling machines and a vinyl cutter.

Digital Media Lab

The Digital Media Lab is the department’s primary computer lab with a suite of Mac work stations that run Adobe CC applications, Rhino, and other production and task software. The lab also has a number of small- and large-format scanners and printers, and provides digital cameras and other A/V equipment for checkout.

Photography Lab

The Photography Lab has resources for both digital imaging and black-and-white film processing and printing. Recently renovated, the lab still includes a darkroom, but also houses a smart classroom with 12 Mac work stations, as well as high-resolution scanners and large-format printers. Myriad equipment is available for checkout, including small- to large-format digital and film cameras, lighting gear, and a variety of accessories.

Print Labs

The Print Labs include four separate studios for each of the following print mediums: Intaglio and Relief, Lithography, Serigraphy, and a Riso Room. The labs house various presses, materials for preparing plates, stones, and screens, as well as printing tables, drying racks, a project space, and storage facilities. The Riso Room is run by undergraduate fellows and houses a Risograph Duplicator, a perfect binder, a guillotine, and offers printing services to the UT community.

Sculpture Lab

The Sculpture Lab provides shop space and equipment for fabrication in wood, metal and other materials, including saws, sanders, grinders, sheers, rollers, benders, welders, plasma cutters and a variety of manual and power hand tools. Metal casting can also be performed, with the lab housing mold-making facilities and a large foundry with gas forge and two-ton, motorized hoist and trolley. Also part of the lab are several spaces of varying size for installation artwork, and digital cameras and lights are available for onsite documentation.

Transmedia Lab and Studio

Central to the area’s focus on time-based art, the Transmedia Lab and Studio provide facilities and resources for audio and video production, extended media creation and performance projects. The lab houses multiple Mac work stations running the latest in graphics, non-linear editing, and augmented reality software. Hardware components include VR headsets, 3D and 2D scanners, drawing tablets, a stop-motion animation station, audio and video recorders, and various presentation equipment. The adjacent studio provides space and resources for performance and production, including lighting gear, audio and visual recording hardware, a custom-built “green screen”, and several projectors. A variety of equipment is available for checkout to students enrolled in Transmedia courses.


The Woodshop is a well-equipped space with machines, manual and power hand tools, and miscellaneous equipment for working with wood and various other materials. The shop’s inventory includes a jointer and planer; table saws, bandsaws, compound miter saws and scroll saws; disc, belt, drum, and spindle sanders; routers; a mortising machine; a wood lathe; drill presses; a variety of hand tools; and a wide selection of clamps and jigs.

Design Lab

Part of the Department of Design, the Design Lab in the Art Building houses a variety of equipment related to typography, printing, and book arts, including the notable Rob Roy Kelly American Wood Type Collection, a library of metal type, several printing presses, and digital image-making and fabrication resources.

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