Alumni Activities

Kathleen Kohl

Kathleen Kohl sends artwork into low earth orbit

MIT Media Lab

Kathleen Kohl (M.F.A., Studio Art, 2017) sent her artwork, Memory Chain: A Pas de Deux of Artifact, into low earth orbit for 30 days through MIT Media Lab's Space Exploration Institute and Space-X's Dragon spacecraft. The art is a gold chain from her grandparents' tie clip and a watch that reference their work romance at NASA amid the Space Race. The exhibition was curated by Xin Liu, who arranged for nine projects to be on board the international payload, Sojourner 2020. Additionally, Kohl’s new installation Memory Palace, which composes building plans of her present and former homes, was also set to be part of the Future Visions exhibition during SXSW. Photo by Carlie deBoer

Hayley Austin

Hayley Austin to publish her first monograph

Kris Graves Projects

Hayley Austin (B.F.A., Studio Art, 2009) will publish her first monograph, “The Springs,” with Kris Graves Projects in April 2020. The book is comprised of photographs taken in Las Vegas in 2018 and is a limited edition, with only 250 copies available for pre-sale.

Kimberly Antwerp

Kimberly Antwerp showcases mixed-media sculptural works

Fe Gallery

Kimberly Antwerp (B.A., Studio Art, 1993) showcased some of her mixed-media sculptural works in Pretty and Peculiar, at Fe Gallery. The show runs through Feb. 28. Photo by Kimberly Antwerp

Betsy Murphy

Betsy Murphy recognized as Outstanding Educator of the Year

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