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Women & Their Work features solo exhibition by Ariel René Jackson

Women and Their Work

This film-based exhibition is the product of “taking temperature,” or gathering individual testimonies throughout an area. The exhibition weaves interviews, research, images, video, animation, and sculpture to deliver a poetic visualization of shared knowledge about East Austin. Jackson (M.F.A., Studio Art, 2017) uses a weather balloon as a metaphor for gathered testimonials, a cultural technology to sense and detect the climate of a situation or space. 

Bethany Johnson "Findings" exhibition now on view at Gray Duck Gallery

Gray Duck Gallery

Reminiscent of geologic formations, the intimate sculptures of “Findings” offer a multilayered meditation on deep time, material metamorphosis, and the anthropogenic landscaping of landfills, quarries, and road cuts. Johnson (M.F.A., Studio Art, 2008), an Austin artist, creates mysterious and entrancing weighty sculptures that reveal themselves slowly, asking for close examination and gradual discovery of their origins.

Leslie Moody Castro describes her time during her NART Narva Artist Residency


Castro (M.A., Art Education, 2010) writes about arriving to Estonia for her residency, the jetlag and the background of her heritage for Glasstire.

David Wyatt hired on as head of communications and business strategy at Austin-based entertainment studio Mighty Coconut

Animation Magazine

Wyatt (B.F.A., Studio Art, 1995) is back in the visual art and design studio world, having been a senior level communications and business strategy expert with over 20 years of experience working with clients in the entertainment, arts and tech industries. 

Exhibition: Intaglio: Prints & Drawings by Lance Letscher

Flatbed Press

Austin artist Letscher  (B.F.A., Studio Art, 1985; M.F.A., 1989), widely known for his collage work, began experimenting intaglio printmaking techniques in 2020. The results is straight-foreword and unpretentious prints that play with color, line, style, vision. His exhibition will go through Nov 30. and there will be an artist reception and talk 6-8 p.m. 

Exhibition: Human Nature by Claire Howard

ICOSA Collective

Blanton Museum assistant curator Howard (M.A., Art History, 2012; Ph.D., 2020) selected this open-call group show which reflects on the shifting relationships to our bodies, each other, and the environment many have experienced during this time of public health and climate crises.

Q+A with Irene Roderick and the fine art of improvisational quilt-making

Sightlines Magazine

Trained as a painter, Austin-based artist Roderick (B.F.A., Studio Art, 1999) began quilting in 2016. Thao Votang's Q+A with her explores why she considers her quilt-making as 'utilitarian painting'. She was also the longtime executive assistant in the Department of Art and Art History until her retirement in 2015

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