Alumni Carlos Rosales-Silva and Eric Santoscoy-Mckillip at Lawndale Art Center

sculpture and painting paired side by side emphasizing texture and colorful palettes
"Throughout the Southwest U.S. and Borderland, sand is a protectant when mixed with mortar and applied to the exterior of adobe or cinder block. Sometimes it is painted over in pinks, oranges, purples, and blues. Sometimes a hand-painted logo that is recognizable but not exact is painted over this sand-coated surface. Sand is an irritant and abrasive to the skin when hurled by the wind. When sand is mixed with the force of wind, it makes hard edges soft. Sand is an aggregate of rock, minerals, and material, a sum of parts. At times, sand is the color of our skin. It creates an unmistakable sound when it is scraped from a wheelbarrow and used as glue for a rock wall being built."

Lawndale Art Center in Houston, Texas presents the work of UT alumni Carlos Rosales-Silva (BFA in Studio Art, 2017) and Eric Santoscoy-Mckillip (BFA in Studio Art, 2011) in Place, Color y Sand, opening April 6, 2019.

Place, Color y Sand is a selection of paintings and wall sculptures by Rosales-Silva and Santoscoy-Mckillip. Along with showing discreet objects, the artists will collaborate on a mural in Grace R. Cavnar Gallery. As artists, they trace and confront their personal histories and identities within the Latinx, Mexican-American, and Chicanx Cultures in their practices, naturally leading to points of intersection in their work. Elements of place, color and sand - found in each of their work - thread histories of place in the Southwest and on the border with the colors of daily sunsets, neon green paletas and plastic flowers. 

Place, Color y Sand will be on view from April 6, 2019 – June 2, 2019.

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